In Memory

Jimmy Jack “JJ” Wadsworth


JJ WadsworthJJ passed away Friday evening, June 19th at Benefis Healthcare after complications from a motocross accident June 14th while racing at the Electric City Dirt Riders Track in Great Falls.He was surrounded by his beloved family and dear friends.  JJ leaves behind his loving family – wife Heidi, sons Riley and Bailey, parents Cliff and Georgia and many siblings and other relatives and close friends – not to mention his faithful dog, Harley.

He was a passionate person, working hard and living life to the fullest.  He lived everyday as if it were his last.  Wadzy, as he was known to his close friends, enjoyed a multitude of activities with his extended family and friends, including outings to their cabin on Placid Lake for boating and jet skiing, which was his relaxation.

JJ and Heidi

JJ was a proud father to his boys and enjoyed nothing greater than the time spent with Bailey and Riley.  Winters were time for snowmobiling and summers were spent at the lake and traveling the state of Montana with them to numerous motocross races as they both began their own junior racing careers – something he had done as a boy when he was a championship rider.

Family – including those unrelated to him, but to whom he had become just that close – were an integral part of JJ’s life.  Friendships formed, whether at the track with his fellow racers and campers or watching his UM Grizzly football team from the stands, were important to him.  JJ was a caring friend and acquaintance – willing to step up on a moment’s notice to help someone in need.

From the time he was 4 years old JJ had a passion for construction, helping Cliff build projects even as a little guy.  He joined his father at the company full-time in 1992 and was a major force in transforming a small plumbing business into a multi-million dollar general contracting firm.  A long-time member of the MT Contractors Association, JJ believed in working together toward the best possible product.

JJ racing motorcross

JJ’s recreational pursuits trended toward those involving a motor.  Motorized vehicles were just such an integral part of his persona.  Whether it be snowmobiling on a sponsored team, rebuilding his classic ’50’s Chevy truck or riding motocross with his boys – he enjoyed the connection between man and machine and was able to extract the most from it.

There are many ways to summarize the life that was JJ Wadsworth.  Probably the best we’ll leave up to him.  “Hope we have a good start”, his buddy once said to him on the starting line at a race.  To which JJ replied with a smile, “Try to keep up.”  And so, we are now left to chase our friend JJ, trying to keep up as we continue in his example to live vigorous lives.

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